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Some of the most colorful, descriptive and (in some cases) just plain nutty e-mails, letters and guestbook entries we’ve received over the years!

Hi–I fight combat robots (Mauler) on BattleBots (Comedy Central and The Tonight Show) and Robot Wars, and other local events. These battles usually have pounding techno going during the intense three-minute bouts. I just came back from the Las Vegas Street Fight, an event taking robots up to 340 pounds, but that couldn’t take our big spinner safely in the arena. My son and I did the sound system and DJ duties instead. We cranked up the 1200 watt PA from my rock band, with 18″ GB subs, and played a bunch of Liquid Soul for fight music instead. The crowd loved it–wanted to know who the band was, if they could buy the albums at Tower or??? We pointed them to your website. On the way back we were having a fantasy: promote an event in Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. This has a main floor, stage, and large balconies on three sides. Have Liquid Soul on stage, the BattleBox Arena on the floor, and the Builders’ Pits at the back of the main floor. Combine the live music with the fighting robots. Could be a great evening, but this is just loose talk. I will discuss the idea with the BattleBot organizers….
–Charles Tilford, Portola Valley (by Stanford) CA

Sept. 25, 2001
I work at a fire station in the San Diego area of California. A few shifts ago I was cooking and I needed some music to cook by. I put in your second CD and everyone stopped what they were doing and listened. The next shift I brought in the CD where the drunk chick says, “Who said I didn’t want to come here?” They all laughed.
–Jack Glassford

February 20, 2001
I came across Liquid Soul whilst checking the list of 2001 Grammy Award nominees on the CDNOW website. I ordered the most recent CD which is nominated for the award, was elated by the vibrance and brilliance of this contemporary jazz style, and proceeded to order the only two other albums produced by this outstanding band. Pity that they have not been more productive in terms of quantity, although I hasten to add that their works so far are simply excellent and original.Although different in style, I would liken Liquid Soul to the timeless Crusaders in regard to creativity and my personal listening pleasure. Keep it up guys and work harder to increase the supply of pure listening ecstasy! By the way, I thought that you could all only be black to produce such quality of jazz, and that’s a compliment!
–Ashok Prayag, Republic of Mauritius, Indian Ocean

August 5, 1998
I was traveling cross-country with my brother and we stopped in Chicago. A friend we met there took us to Double Door on Sunday. I shouldn’t have even been there since I am only 16 but we knew the guy at the door so he let us all in. Anyway, Liquid Soul was playing and they were great. I loved how Dirty came on stage casually with a beer and a cigarette. They sounded really good. I liked how the show wasn’t over after their set. Dirty and some guy stayed and freestyled, and after that Ajax stayed on the turntables. I won’t forget that night because it was the first time I got really drunk.
–Patrick, Honolulu, HI

October 5, 2000
LIQUID SOUL BETTER BUY A PLANE THAT A BUS. LIQUID SOUL IN FRANCE! GET YOUR MEMBER CARD: THE “L.S.I.F” (Liquid Soul In France) Subcrive at the active mouvement for “liquid soul in france!” the army full of fonk soldier and all the persons who are present in the representative mouvement to get “liquid soul in france” are ready to fight! Don’t stay on a U.S stage! that why we believe that the speech of L.S.I.F Liquid soul must be here soon! the rest of humanity depend about it so take a plane to france!

Dec. 12, 2000
Did my part as a Liquid Souldier today. Had cracked a tooth and managed to get a quick appt. Brought in my “Here’s the Deal” cd and they played it through the whole office! What better way is there than to recline while being drilled and filled (now remember….I’m talking about a painful dentist visit… so get your mind out of the gutter {;^P), breathing in the nitrous and listening to LS! My dentist and his assistant WILL be purchasing cd’s quite soon. Two more visits to go, so a different disc for each visit.

Oct. 9, 2000
Thanks for the fun time in Japan. I did enjoy your performance of course, and moreover I was so glad that everybody in there loved and enjoyed your sound. You got thousands of new fans!… Here are some words to each of you. • Mars: You are such a mysterious musician. When I see a band, I usually pay less attention to a sax player, but you are different. Since my first saw in Toronto, you’ve caught my heart… Your sounds and sense of music are really respectable. Also I tried WITCHES AND DEVILS. It is good to know what you’ve been doing in your musical life. I want to try it in live. • John: Trombone is one of my favorite horns. I enjoyed your sounds to the full. It is appreciated that you always reply my e-mail. You are the one who makes the distance between the band and I shorten. I’m curious why you are called “show time.” • Ron: I also like Trumpet. At the gigs, I can tell that many jazz lovers paid attention to you. I think you are one of the reasons that they accept liquid soul’s sound. • Rick, Dan, and Tom: Your groovy rhythms and sounds absolutely fit my type. And your writing sense also attracts me. Ricky, next time you come to Japan, stay in cities so that you won’t have rooms without air conditioning! • Brian and Ajax: You both put additional taste to the band’s sound. It made the sound more exciting. I heard some Japanese from Brian. It worked very well. Well done! • Break Dancer (Mr. D): In such a short time, you entertained us well. It suited the band’s color. The other day, I heard STOP BY MONIE’S from TV. It was used as a BGM in a short film to introduce American city life. I can see that Liquid Soul is gradually getting into Japanese music scene. Before your coming, I could wait for you for 2 years but I’m already missing you. Whichever I go to the states or you come to Japan, I desire to see your gigs. I hope the day comes soon.
Stay cool! Love you all,
–Reiko from Osaka, Japan

Dec. 11, 2000
I have all 3 CD’s and I want more!! I’m from San Diego and was in San Jose walking downtown when I heard something very familiar. “Holy @#%$!!” I said to my wife…”that’s Liquid Soul”. We went in to catch the rest of your show and can’t wait to see ya down in S.D. I’ve got my friends hooked on your funk too. We want more! Being a trumpet player myself, I want more screamin’ and of course, the funkier, the better. Keep it going guys.
–Later, bob

Dec. 4 ,2000
Any plans to move to Minneapolis.? Didn’t think so!! You guys are one of Chicago’s Hidden (Not for Long) Treasures. Thanks so much, for trip Saturday Night @ The Cabooze, Awesome show!! I even hit a F——- deer on the way home that night (2:30 a.m.) about $3,500 damage. Hard to get mad when Salt Peanuts is playing!! Thanks for the Feel good Music and keep it coming. Hurry back soon!! We mean that!! Anyone like Deer Meat?
–Johnny “Wah Wah” Watts, Cambridge, MN

Nov. 29, 2000
I’m 62 years old, my son said, Dad you got to hear this group Liquid Soul. You were playing at Durty Nellie’s in Palatine Illinois, so let’s do it, we did. I just want to say that I can’t remember when I had a better time, you guys were simply the best thing I’ve heard in a long, long time. I am now the proud owner of all three of your cd’s, if there is more please let me know. When you’re back in town, we will be there.
–Donald Christy, Des Plaines, IL

July 20, 2000
Time warp circa 1972. Man, I can’t believe my ears. Your trax bring me back to a time I once created a groove similar to yours. Having graduated from Berklee school of music in Boston I embarked on a journey with the brothers to spread the word of FUNK & Soul. 10 years later I retired the Horns and found a niche in the emerging tech industry (network administration/ software development). 18 yrs. after that I needed a new direction and a new cause. Now retired, when I relax and lament, I need some “liquid soul” to put me in the right frame of mind. I now drive a stretch limousine for grins and spread the word about your groove. I realize I may be a tad log in the tooth to be the image you seek, all that stuff about retro style and hip gear. All I know is “style & soul” come from the heart and I never lost my groove. Your sound is HOT! & I look forward to catching you when you breeze through town (Rochester NY). I’ll want to see you in the smaller venues, that way I can get autographs on all three (3) of the CD’s you put out, and I own and listen to all the time. Keep the groove real!
-Gregg P. Allen

January 05, 2001
I just returned from a half year travelling in the USA and the best ‘new’ music that I got to know was YOUR BAND!!! While staying in Durango, CO, a friend of mine introduced a cd of your band to me… After copying it and taking it with me on the road, I listened to it thousands of times. So back in The Netherlands, I went to a music store in Amsterdam and I found your newest CD. Guess what.. I bought it. Your work inspires me to practice more and more on my tenor sax. Keep the good work up!
–Paul de Roos

Dec. 6, 2000
Wassssssssup LS?? First heard of you folks when I lived in Chicago (Logan Square) ’94-96′. Now I live in Kalamazoo, MI and have seen Liquid Soul many’a time. Played an unforgettable show at the Winter Succubus back in 1997…that’s when Dirty was in the band and several of the other members came back for our house party on Sprague Street. And actually now that I think about it, that was my first LSD experience. The objects that were flying out of the ends of those blaring horns still haunt my psyche! Club Soda…what a show! I was the crazy blonde in the front row getting’ down to the grooves… Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny…
–Peace~ M.S.

Feb. 3, 2001
Because of my hectic professional schedule I RARELY turn on the TV but for some reason I did so… I saw you on the Saturday Early Show. Every now and then when there might be a “band” on TV… I give them a few seconds and then turn it off. Well I did NOT turn the TV off when you appeared. I am IMPRESSED and the FUNK/SOUL/JAZZ flowed beautifully! Although I love music, I rarely buy CDs but today I am heading out to purchase yours AND buying many more for my friends. I live in LA, where bands come and go. I can tell you that you are not leaving the music scene for a long time. I look forward to seeing you WIN the Grammy and seeing your music expand into the hearts and souls of many others! Thanks for a GREAT morning wake-up! Better than STARBUCKS coffee… and ALMOST better than sex 🙂
–Gary D. Soto, Claremont, California

August 25, 2000
Saw you guys in Northampton, MA 2 years ago…people hadn’t heard the music too much so there were only a few people at the show (good for me, bad for you) but I thought it was one of the best shows I’ve seen…it seemed to me that the trombonist really gathered the band’s energy and dispursed it like a cool summer rain unto the crowd.
–Jeff (Nashua) Clarke

Feb. 2, 2001
The first time I ever saw you guys perform was back in ’97 at Clinton’s Inauguration parade, and you guys were at the corner of 7th and Pennsylvania. Everyone watching was moving, even the most tight lipped-upper crust-right winged-liberal conservative democrat was down there moving around. And what got me was that kid on drums who broke such a sweat, he had his shirt off in that very cold 30 degree weather.

Feb. 3, 2001
hey there, I’ve got one for you . I am a virtuoso (blade) of grass player. That’s right grass!! I have been playing jazz, r&b for 25 years. I have been introduced as “the best grass player in the western hemisphere!!!” If you’re interested, I can send you a tape of me playing a lead solo with a blues band on klsx morning raido in los angeles. let me know if you are interested. People really react to this very unusual ability. I can blow ’em away!!!!
–sincerely, JM

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    01. BUSTIN’ OUT

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    02. REGGAE FREESTYLE (Double Door 1999)

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    03. BOOTIE WIGGLE CLUB (Freestyle Sunday 1998 w-Frank Orall-Guest DJ)

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    04. DOUBLE D (Freestyle - Double Door 5-26-02)

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    05. SOULSONIC VIBRATION (Elbo Room 1996)

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    06. PMI (Freestyle - Double Door 2001)

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    07. DOUBLE PUMP (Metro Mobile - Rax Trax Studio, Chicago 1999)

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    08. TWICE AS NICE (Freestyle - Abbey Pub 5-5-13)

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    09. WATERMELON MAN (Live-Double Door 1999)

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    10. LONELY BULL (Ska) (Rax Trax Studio, Chicago 1998)

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