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One-Two Punch

One-Two Punch

Liquid Soul’s 2006 Release on Telarc Records
01. Baghdad Cafe
02. Atta Boy
03. Body and Mind
04. Mind Interlude
05. Sex God
06. 5 Finger Discount
07. King of the Ill
08. Stop
09. Peanut Head
10. Bebop Interlude
11. Nothing But Net
12. Liquid Angels
13. Boxer’s Fracture
14. Kong

Produced by: Van Christie and Mars Williams
Mixed by: Van Christie and Mars Williams
Recorded at: Pulse Black Studio/Chicago
Engineer: Van Christie
Mastering: Paul Blakemore at Telarc

Mars Williams – Saxes; Woodwinds; Mussettes; Keyboards; Loops; Electronics
Doug Corcoran – Trumpet
Hugh Ragin – Trumpet
Andy Baker – Trombone
Tommy Klein – Guitars
Phil Ajjarapu – Bass
Tony “Kick Drum” Taylor – Drums
Chris “Hambone” Cameron – Keyboards
Mr. Greenweedz – Vocals (track 3)
Brian “MC B” Quarles – Vocals (tracks 2, 8)
Dave “Boy Elroy” Arredondo – Beat-Box; Vocals
Van Christie – Programming
DJ Logic –

Additional Musicians:
Matt Walker – Drums (track 14)
Vernon Reid – Lead Guitar (track 14)
John “JoJo” Hermann – Keyboard (track 13)
Angus “bangus” Thomas – Bass (track 5)
David Suycott – Drums (track 5)
Jim Dinou – Electronics
DJ Redlox – Turntables; Vox
DJ Scot “Rocket” Paskon
DJ Eddie Mills
Leddie Garcia – Percussion
Teisha M. Jackson – Backing Vocals (track 3)
Cosmos Ray – Backing Vocals (track 3)
Brian Sandstrom – Bowed Dbl. Bass (track 6)
Steve Hunt – Vibes (track 3)
Iqbaal Singh – Dhol, Tabla (track 1)
All Songs Written By: Mars Williams (Music From Mars/BMI)
Track 3 – Mars Williams; Tom Klein; Phil Ajjarapu; Tony Taylor; Marcel Wilks
(Music From Mars/BMI; Spy Music/BMI; Son of Burrel Entertainment/ASCAP;
Taylor Made Publishing/ASCAP; Phileyejapoo Music/ASCAP)
Track 5 – Mars Williams, T Sanchez, R Showalter
(Music from Mars/BMI; Mel Jaz Music/BMI; Rancho Sancho Music/BMI)
Track 8 – Mars Williams and Brian Quarles
(Music From Mars/BMI; Hotpipe Music/ASCAP )
Track 10 – John “Dizzy” Gillespie (Universal Music Corp./ASCAP)
Track 12 – Mars Williams and Albert Ayler (Syndicore/BMI)
Comic Illustration/Art Direction: Gabriel chu Usadel
Digital Coloring: Eric Gann
Management: Glen Phillips/Beat Management/
Booking: Mark Lourie/Skyline Music/
Publicity: Amanda Sweet/Telarc Records/

Evolution by Liquid Soul


Liquid Soul’s 2002 release on Shanachie Records.
01. Action Jackson
02. Sun Ra
03. La
04. Nina’s in Jail
05. I Was Meant to Be Rich
06. Bossa Interlude
07. Mercedes
08. This and That
09. Soul
10. Mean Machine
11. Rage Experiment
12. Lonely Bull

Executive Producer: Mars Williams

Producer, Track 2: Frayne P. Lewis.
Producer, Track 3: Maurice Joshua, Nu Soul, Inc.
Producer, Tracks 7 & 9, and Assoc. Producer, Track 4:Vince Lawrence, Slang Music Group.
Producer, Track 10: Ron Haynes.

Mars Williams: Tenor, alto, soprano, and sopranino saxophones, vocals
Ron Haynes: Trumpet
Johnny “Showtime” Janowiak: Trombone
Ricky Showalter: Bass
Ernie Denov: Guitar
Victor A. Baker, Sr.: Drums
Chris “Hambone” Cameron: Keyboards

Additional Musicians:

Ajax “Scott Paskon”: Turntables on tracks 1 & 11
Frayne P. Lewis: Keyboard & drum programming on track 2
Kevin Randolph: Keyboards on track 2
Alejo Poveda: Percussion on track 2
Dan Leali: Drums on tracks 1, 8, & 12
Eddie Mills: Turntables on tracks 4 & 9
Jessie De La Pena: Turntables on tracks 8 & 12
James “Squeeze” Taylor: Vocals on tracks 9&10
Maurice Joshua: Vocals on track 3
Ron Hall: Additional bass on track 3
Tim Gant: Keyboards on track 10
Tom Sanchez: Guitar on tracks 1, 8, 12
Joe Rendon: Percussion on tracks 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, &11
Newt Cole: Percussion on track 1
Henry Love: Percussion on track 7
Nikki Lynette: Vocals on track 4
Cristina Sanchez: Vocals on track 7
Gravity: Vocals on track 9

Here’s The Deal

Liquid Soul’s 2000 release on Shanachie Records. Received a Grammy Award nomination for Best Contemporary Jazz Album.
01. Sure Fire One
02. Diz
03. Stop by Monie’s
[Featuring Simone]
04. Everbody’s Got One
05. Show Me
06. Sex Tablet
07. All Blues
08. Sweet Pea
09. Donkey Punch
10. Dysfunction
[Featuring Simone]
11. Rocket Scientist
12. Spam Sucker

Tracks 5,6,8 & 11 recorded by: Rick Barnes for Rax Trax Recording, Chicago
Assisted by: Chris Bauer a.k.a. “Heckman”
Tracks 3 & 10 recorded by: Rick Barnes at Studiochicago
Tracks 1,2,4,7,9 & 12 recorded live at: Double Door, Chicago
Live recording by: Tomothy Powell for Metro Mobile
Assisted by: Mike Ways & Mike Drazin
Live sound: Paul “Ziggy” Zerang
Live monitors: Ricky Canning & Mike Park
Mixed by: Rick Barnes at Rax Trax, Chicago
Mastered at Monster Discs/Studio Chicago by: Jeff Hillman

Mars Williams: Tenor, Alto, Soprano, and Sopranino Saxophones, Wood Flute & Toys
Ron Haynes: Trumpet & Flugelhorn
John Janowiak: Trombone
Tom Sanchez: Guitar
Rick Showalter: Bass
Dan Leali: Drums
DJ Ajax: Turntables
Dirty MF: Rapper (Track 5)
Brian “MCB” Quarles: Rapper (Track 1)
Simone: Vocals (Tracks 3 & 10)
Newt Cole: Percussion
Chris “Hambone” Cameron: Keyboards

Make Some Noise

Liquid Soul’s second CD for Ark 21 Records, featuring many of the band’s most high-energy, crowd-pleasing songs.
01. Intro
02. Threadin’ the Needle
03. Salt Peanuts/Chocolate Covered Nut
04. Yankee Girl
05. I Want You to Want Me
06. Ricky’s Hat
07. Cabbage Roll
08. Ramblin’
09. Cookie’s Puss
10. No Cents
11. My Three S.O.B.’s
12. Lobster Boy’s Revenge
13. Opium Jacuzzi

Produced by: Mars Williams and Mike Rogers
Recorded and mixed by:
Rick Barnes at Rax Trax Recording Assistant Engineer and “Yes Man”: Chris Bauer a.k.a. Heckman
Basic Tracks for 2,4,5,12 Recorded at: Warzone Recorders by Scott Ramsayer
Tracks 9,10,13 recorded live at: The Double Door, Chicago
Track 6 recorded live during sound check at: The Elbo Room, Chicago
Live recording by: Diversified Audio Group (D.A.G.)
Engineer: Steve Jacula
Assistant Engineer and live sound: Neil Jensen

Mars Williams: Tenor, Alto, Soprano Sax
Ron Haynes: Trumpet, Flugelhorn
John Janowiak: Trombone
Ricky Showalter: Bass
Tommy Sanchez: Guitar
Dan Leali: Drums & Percussion
Dirty MF: Rapper, MC
Jesse De La Pena: Turntables
Ajax: Turntables Tracks: 2,4,5,12
Frankie Hill: Keyboards Tracks: 6,9,10,13
Chris “Hambone” Cameron: Keyboards Tracks 2,3,4,7,8,11,12
Kurt Elling: Scat Vocal Track 3
Trine Rein: Vocal Track 5
Newt Cole: Percussion Track 9
Joe Rendon: Timbales
Jose Gregorio: Congas
Tommy Klein: Guitar Track 6
Yvonne Gage: Backing Vocals Track 5

Liquid Soul

Liquid Soul’s debut album on Ark 21 Records, with several tracks recorded live at the Elbo Room. A cool, jazzy vibe…
01. Preview
02. Worlds’ on a Leash
03. Schitzophrenia
04. Equinox
05. Good One
06. Afro Loop
07. Java Junkie
08. New E
09. Righteous
10. Footprints
11. Jazz Machine
12. Black Earth
13. What a Story
14. Blue Groove Freestyle
15. Freddie the Freeloader

Executive Producer: Mars Williams

Producer, Track 2: Frayne P. Lewis.
Producer, Track 3: Maurice Joshua, Nu Soul, Inc.
Producer, Tracks 7 & 9, and Assoc. Producer, Track 4: Vince Lawrence, Slang Music Group.
Producer, Track 10: Ron Haynes.

Jesse De La Pena: Turntables
Ron Haynes: Trumpet & Flugelhorn
Frankie Hill: Keyboards
Dan Leali: Drums, Percussion:
Tommy Klein: Guitar
Ricky Showalter: Bass
Mars Williams: Saxes

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    01. BUSTIN’ OUT

  • cover play_circle_filled

    02. REGGAE FREESTYLE (Double Door 1999)

  • cover play_circle_filled

    03. BOOTIE WIGGLE CLUB (Freestyle Sunday 1998 w-Frank Orall-Guest DJ)

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    04. DOUBLE D (Freestyle - Double Door 5-26-02)

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    05. SOULSONIC VIBRATION (Elbo Room 1996)

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    06. PMI (Freestyle - Double Door 2001)

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    07. DOUBLE PUMP (Metro Mobile - Rax Trax Studio, Chicago 1999)

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    08. TWICE AS NICE (Freestyle - Abbey Pub 5-5-13)

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    09. WATERMELON MAN (Live-Double Door 1999)

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    10. LONELY BULL (Ska) (Rax Trax Studio, Chicago 1998)

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